2020 SWWA Membership (Individual)


SWWA Memberships are in the name of the individual not the Employer or the Community/City. Memberships follow the individual. Memberships run from Jan 1 of the year to Dec. 31 of the year. Memberships are non-transferable from one individual to another.

In order to receive a discount on all SWWA events you need to login with your membership ID and Password. All members are required to have a unique email address that can only be used by them in the system. Attempting to share a email will result in one of the persons being deleted from the system  or an error message when trying to register.


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With the recent global outbreak of the COVID19 virus, the SWWA would like to reassure its members that we are committed to ensuring the safety of our membership as a whole. Alternatives to the upcoming workshops are being explored and the November conference is still scheduled to take place without interruption at this time. Further details will be provided once final board decisions have been made.  Due to the uniqueness of this situation, the SWWA is working outside its normal realm and ask that you remain patient while we find the most appropriate solution for all involved.