Multiple Pathways to Resiliency – Nipawin

Please note: If you plan to attend the workshop and the golf tournament please contact the SWWA office during office hours of 8am to 4pm Monday to Thursday (306)668-1278 or email and DO NOT register till you have talked to the office.

SYNOPSIS: Increased resilience does not fall under the purview of a single organization, and does not exist as a single point on the horizon. The emergency management version of resilience is achieved through the strategic and effective coordination of multiple organizations within a community and multiple communities within a province. The presentation will describe the Saskatchewan Public Safety Divisions vision of a multiple pathway to resilience strategy.

BIO – Ray Unrau
Government of Saskatchewan
Deputy Commissioner – Director Operations
Public Safety Division, Government Relations

Ray has had the privilege of a long career in emergency services in Saskatoon before eventually transitioning to the role of Saskatoon’s Director of Emergency Planning. Ray started a new chapter when he moved from municipal emergency management in 2015 to provincial emergency management as the Director of Operations for the Public Safety Division. Ray has a phone with 64 gigabytes of storage which he uses to its maximum by storing pictures of his fantastic grand daughters. He is pretty sure he is also blessed with a fantastic family consisting of a lovely wife, 2 loving children and one son in law but doesn’t have enough picture storage space on his phone to be able to confirm that

The  3hr workshop  will cover the following :

  1. Review the important differences between the definitions of Emergencies and Disasters, and use those differences to understand how they should impact planning and response
  2. Discuss the importance of building resilience into a communities disaster response plans, and review some ways this can be done.
  3. Review the purpose of an Emergency Operations Center and compare it to an Incident Command Post.  This discussion will provide the participant with some considerations they can use to ensure that these facilities in their communities are coordinated and effective.
  4. Introduce the strategies used by the Saskatchewan Public Safety Division to enhance the resiliency of the emergency planning and disaster response plans in every community in Saskatchewan.

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